Day 1 of Brazil: My Heart is Full

Of inspiration. Of happiness. Of excitement. Of a little bit of nervousness. But, mostly, of love: for new people, places, and prospects. The positive vibes are flowing and I’m feeling like I’ve found another tribe. It’s only the first day of our three-day orientation in São Paulo, and yet I’m already floating on that newness high. Yessssss. 

That was me about a week ago inhaling everything very deeply in São Paulo. And this is me now, laying on my Maceió bed in a fabulously colored pink-and-white apartment three blocks from the beach. Last Friday I flew to my new host city, the capital of the state of Alagoas in the northeast. Excited is an understatement (But srsly, what single word could sum up this feeling that’s much more than excited? Ecstatic? Elated? Energized?).

It is all those adjectives and more. I rocked up to Maceió with little to no expectations (but B’quilla comparisons have been unavoidable). Thus far—approximately six days in Maceió—I’m all about this city. And I’m all about this job (but I haven’t even started #lolz). Living this close to the sea and that oh-so-good ocean breeze is everything. My university is far (“I mean way out there…H, I, J…” – John Pinette’s “I Say Nay, Nay” anyone?), but it’s going to be okay. I’ll live. And I’ll most certainly enjoy the tapioca, açai, running/biking/roller blading on the boardwalk beautifully positioned next to bright blue beaches that won’t be taken for granted.


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