My Kind of Humans

I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m in the right place at the right time with the right people. Barranquilla feels right because of our little costeño family. We’ve truly gotten to know one another, so much so that we’re not even interested in meeting other gringos. We’re more than happy with what we’ve got.

When you bring together a handful of like-minded travelers, you’re bound to see friendship sparks flying. Ever since our unforgettable Carnaval-inspired introduction on our Avianca flight to Barranquilla, we realized just how fun-filled our time on the coast would be.

Each one of us brings something dynamic to the table, quite literally:

We continuously comment on the fact that we really lucked out being placed together. We’re thrilled that each one of us is bursting with personality.

And we’ve got a combined sense of humor that makes for the best family night entertainment. Cue a How I Met Your Mother impromptu intervention complete with letters of flowery bullshit and hilariously fake means for self-improvement.

There is no matching the kind of instant support and common ground you receive from a shared experience. Orientation in Bogotá was inspirational, but life in Barranquilla is far more exhilarating. Gratitude for my B’killa family is endless and there’s no doubt in my mind that ten months with this bunch of psychos will be costeño crazy.


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