Advice for the Road

Look back and smile. Appreciate the butterflies. Cherish the coming and going. Be okay with leaving. Feel your emotions. And then let them out into the world. Write things down. Scream when you want to. Sing out loud. Cry when you need to. Bounce around when you just have to.

Look up. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes to pause, open them to admire. Remember how you got here. Be grateful for the path that has led you to now. Keep your eyes forward. Treasure new beginnings. Lower your expectations. Be gentle to your soul. Let your mind wander, and let your feet follow. Practice gratitude. Smile often. Recognize beauty. Interrupt routine with spontaneity. Say ‘yes’ to things, people, ideas that you normally wouldn’t. Do the things you’re supposed to do in the places you’re supposed to do them.

Keep your ears open to others. Genuinely listen to their stories. Share your own. Collaborate collectively. Trust in timing. Be calm in uncertainty. Just go with it. Adapt. Follow your intuition. Absorb everything. Open your senses. Digest your surroundings. Be where you are. Face the fact that you’re really doing it. “If you want something in life you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Be confident in yourself. Thrive in the unknown. Pick it up as you go. Go.


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