Questions We Have For Nicaragua

Why do you wear pants in 90 degree weather?

Why are we the only ones sweating?

How do you know when to cross the street?

Why can’t you open cab doors from the inside?

How do you feel about foreigners?

Why does it say ‘alto’ instead of ‘para’ on the stop signs?

Do you just play American music when you see us walk into your establishment?

Do kids have bedtimes?

What do the different numbers of car beeps mean?

How did you figure out that you could fit 4 people on one bike?

How do dogs know when to cross the road?

Are you sure it’s safe to just get in and out of cars while they’re still moving?

Do people actually have this for breakfast?


If you have any answers, please let us know.


The original version of this post appeared on December 11, 2014 on @codea‘s blog, Christine Meets Life.


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