Three. Years. Later.

Three years ago I flew home from a year abroad in Madrid. And three years ago, my life changed forever. No, this is not your average study-abroad-changed-my-life story (well, in most ways, it is…). This is your life can change in an instant story—the kind of change that is unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, unwanted, unimaginable, and, quite […]

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2016: May

Feeling like I’m on another planet adventuring with fellow Fulbrighters and friends in the Northeast of Brazil. -Watch in HD-

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Day 1 of Brazil: My Heart is Full

Of inspiration. Of happiness. Of excitement. Of a little bit of nervousness. But, mostly, of love: for new people, places, and prospects. The positive vibes are flowing and I’m feeling like I’ve found another tribe. It’s only the first day of our three-day orientation in São Paulo, and yet I’m already floating on that newness […]

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When Grief Presses Play

Saturday I was in pain. I hardly left comfy seated or horizontal positions and I only stopped crying for the duration of a movie almost as sad as my snowed-in, sad-as-hell day. Outside was changing at a rapid pace, snow piling on top of snow on top of a place so familiar. But I was […]

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